How to Fix Windows Update Error 0xc8000247

Many users are reporting the Windows update error 0xc8000247 appears while trying to install the latest update through Windows Update menu. Other users are complaining that these errors will occur with a particular update. This error will only occur on Windows 7 and sometimes also on the Windows 10 and Windows 8.1. If you are also facing this same issue, then follow the different methods to fix this issue on your Windows PC.

Here’s how to fix Windows update error 0xc8000247

  • Run the Windows update troubleshooter
  1. Launch the Run prompt box by clicking on the Windows and R keys together.
  2. After that, enter the “ms-settings-troubleshoot” in the provided column.
  3. Click on the Enter option.
  4. It will launch the Troubleshooting menu.
  5. You will find this in the Settings tab.
  6. After going in the Troubleshooting option, you need to go to the right corner of the Settings tab.
  7. Go down to the Getup and running column.
  8. After getting it, you need to press on the Windows Update option.
  9. After that, press on the Run the troubleshooter menu.
  10. It is located on the prompt box.
  11. Once you have begun the utility, it will start running the initial scan automatically on the screen,
  12. After finding the solution of it, you will get a new tab where you need to press on the Apply this fix option.
  13. Once you have applied the fix completely, start the system again.
  14. You need to check if the error is fixed or not after completing the next startup.
  • Update the IRST Driver
  1. Press on the Intel Rapid Technology User Interface and Driver menu.
  2. It is located on the menu list of all the drivers which are currently available.
  3. In the driver display, find it at the left-hand corner of the display.
  4. Press on the Download option linked with the SetupRST.exe.
  5. By going to the Intel Software License Agreement menu, press on the menu which is I accept the terms and license agreement.
  6. You need to wait until the download procedure gets finished on the system.
  7. After downloading the SetupRST,exe file, you need to click twice on it.
  8. Press on the Yes button.
  9. Go through the on-screen guidelines to finish the Intel Rapid Technology installing process.
  10. Once you have finished the installation procedure, start the system again.
  11. You need to check if the error is fixed or not.
  • Reset all Windows update components through the Windows update agent
  1. Go to the Microsoft TechNet webpage from the internet browser.
  2. Start downloading the Reset Windows Update Agent script.
  3. You need to wait until the download procedure gets completed on the system.
  4. You need to run the zip archive such as 7zip or WinZip.
  5. After running the extract, you need to right-click on the ResetWUENG.exe.
  6. Select the Run as administrator option.
  7. Go through the on-screen guidelines to execute the script which will start resetting all the WU components.
  8. You need to do this procedure, ensure that you don’t execute the operations which you needed to activate the internet connection.
  9. After completing the procedure, you need to start the system.
  10. Check if the error is fixed or not.

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