5 Best Cycling Apps For Travelers in 2019

Many countries offer bicycle services for locals as well as for tourists. Tourists often rent a bicycle in foreign countries to wander and explore amazing places. Renting a bike is very convenient, comfortable, and time-saving for travelers. On a bicycle, travelers cover the huge distance in a city to explore local attractions. Here’s the list of 5 best cycling apps for travelers.

1. CycleMaps

CycleMaps app is the best companion of cyclists around the world. The app makes use of routing data from different sources and provides all bicycle paths and low-intensity roads everywhere. It offers you turn-by-turn guidance indicating the upcoming turn that you can check at a  single glance. CycleMaps indicates the name of the street where a user needs to turn and the distance to it. The app also functions as a fitness coach that tracks the distance covered by cycling and burnt calories of the cyclist.

2. Google Maps

Google Maps is quite popular in almost every part of the world, and it is a widely used application to date. Most people are aware of Google Map’s option of directions especially available for Bicycles. The map navigates best routes for cyclists with avoiding more crowd-sourced traffic routes. The app provides routes for cars, motorbikes, and bicycles. It also navigates routes of public transport for people around the world.

3. First Aid For Cyclists

A number of cyclists gets killed or injured in road accidents every year. This application is specifically designed for cyclists around the world by which they can get an emergency medical treatment immediately with the help of this app. The app is designed to provide immediate first aid treatment to the victims in such emergencies. The advice given in this app is based on the app team’s first aid manual and medical experts.

4. Where Am I At?

Where Am I At app is designed for cyclists who often get stuck in the middle of nowhere. It has proved to be a great issue for bicyclists, especially in a foreign country without familiarization of the local language. The app provides GPS coordinates and an exact address which can be sent via SMS and email to anyone who can help you out from such situations. The app is a great help for bicyclists who often get lost.

5. Cycling-Bike Tracker

Cycling Bike Tracker tracks your pace, counts burned calories, measures workout distance, and more. Bike Tracker app helps you stay on track no matter where you are, whether on the trail or streets. It is the best app for travelers who wander almost everywhere on a bicycle. The app functions as a traveling companion as well as a fitness tracker. Its number of features make it a well desired cycling app among bicycler community.

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