5 Best Apps To Use After A Car Crash

Every time you drive your car on an open road, chances of safety remain uncertain. A car crash on long highways and routes where you will get no help for miles is way too risky and dangerous. It’s best to go pre-prepared anywhere through which you can tackle a problem in an emergency situation. Here’s a bunch of apps for your rescue in such situations.

1. CamOnRoad

CamOnRoad app is designed for you and your entire safety. It is a free car app which you can transform into an advanced car DVR consisting of maps on augmented reality. The app works as your dash cam by which you can look at the roads more closely. The app works as your alternative dash cam and navigation system.

2. Wreckcheck

WreckCheck app is designed to guide you what important information to share or with whom. The app is invented by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners that guide to take important steps which gets you out of the situation. The app is very easy to use, and it uses your smartphone’s camera, GPS location, and recorder to document the accident. In the app, you can share the accident’s report and can get tips and steps in claiming the Insurance.

3. SOSmart

SOSmart is the best app to have if meet a road accident with your car. The app automatically sends alerts and information on the emergency numbers which you select in the app. The app is a great relief for accident victims with its incredible features of calling rescue services in minimum time. The app is a great help and saves thousands of lives every year. In the app, there is an option of a panic button which immediately sends your live location to the selected emergency contacts. The app shows nearby hospital where victims can get quick treatment.

4. AxiKit Accident Report Kit

AxiKit is one of the most efficient apps in accidents. Through this app, a driver can send an entire accident report with all the essential details at fingertips. The app guides a driver to collect and capture every other important detail of the accident to the emergency numbers. The app helps drivers to avoid costly mistakes before leaving the accident’s site.

5. Assisto

Assisto is a great app if you are anywhere in Europe. The app avails features of photos and navigation system by which a user can send live location on the emergency contacts. The app also assists in claiming the Insurance and is available in 42 European countries and in 15+ languages.

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